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Picked up a 250 that was in a wreck. The rider ran into a car and looks like it went over on the left side. When I picked it up, I could barely kick it over. It was for all purposes, non-running (non-kickable). After getting it home and letting it soak in oil and magic mystery oil, I could kick it over somewhat. I can rotate it seemingly ok at the magneto bolt. When I kick it over, it makes a scraping noise, but not when turning it at the magneto bolt. The oil smelled like gas and the petcock lever is a bit bent, so I'm assuming gas leaked through the carb and into the cylinder and into the oil, over time causing some kind of seize.

I had the right side cover off the other day and everything looks alright. I didn't take the clutch out, so I'm not sure if there is something going on behind it. I had the head off, and the cylinder looks great. I ended up not taking the cylinder out, so I'm not sure if the rings are stuck to the piston.

I tried kicking it over a few times tonight, and got it to fire a bit, kind of run and stall out. When it was "running", the mechanical noise was there. It sounds like a rotational noise, metal on meal. Any advice?
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