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An old thread...

I was changing out the rear sprocket carrier bearing on a 2007 LC4 Adventure. Many parts fiches show that the bearing is supposed to be the same unit as on various other (cush-hubbed) KTM's, namely 3205-B-2RSR.

I was quite surprised to find that the sprocket carrier contained not one, but two bearings, both marked as 6005. This seems to be a common KTM wheel bearing, used extensively on non-damped rear hubs. These two bearings were about 47mm in outer diameter, 25mm in inner diameter and 12mm in height, each. The spare 3205-B I had laying around measures 52x25x20.6.

There is something very strange with this, as none of the part fiches recognize this discrepancy. The 3205-B angular contact bearing will obviously not fit into this rear sprocket carrier. I think KTM specified an angular contact bearing for a reason, the chain imposes a different type of load on the sprocket carrier side. The 6005 is just a plain vanilla ball bearing.

I searched for references about this 6005 bearing, and I only got one relevant hit here.

On closer inspection of the part fiches, the part number for the actual sprocket carrier changes between for instance a 2003 and a 2007 Adventure. I guess this is to facilitate the different size bearing bore for the two 6005 bearings. The only problem is that the rest of the documentation was not changed accordingly.

Any similar experiences or words of advice?


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