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I'd call the logging trucks good. It's a big country out there, and an interesting twist on the game that some geographical tags won't be available to every player....
At some point, someone in New Mexico is gonna tag a big old cactus!
That's not gonna do us up here in Flugistan much good!
But we'll wait our's all good!

1 Self Service gas station SE NY : danedg
2 WW II Memorial NY - VA : Blinkerfluid
3 Local Airport VA - OK: KLRDude650
3 Dam OK - SC: Big Mike 1
4 Rural Road/ Bridge SC -VA AntonLargiader
5 Athletic Field VA - CT HeyDoc
6 Trail Marker CT -OK KLRDude650
7 Publick Potable? Water - OK -OK Reddirtjoe
8 Giant Inflatable Fantasy Figure -OK- DE O2TAC
9 Local Motorcycle Shop - DE - VA Donnymoto
10 A Tunnel - Va -GA hardwaregrrl
11 Logging trucks - GA
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