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Right as we were heading out of the switchbacks out of the corner of my eye (remember I'm riding half sideways looking at scenery) I see something jump the road in front of Padre. He starts pointing and all of a sudden these pop out from behind a rock.

Work with me, work with me.....

Click! Thank you very much, hellooooo National Geographic.

Desert Bighorn Sheep literally right there. They were about 30 yards above us on the rocks just hanging out, not paying any attention to the rather dashing riders below them. For you photo buffs these pictures were taken with an 18-200 mm lens. We were that close. I could have tossed a rock underhanded and sent it past them. Finally after about 20 minutes of watching the one with the radio collar eat anything green and Mr. Photogenic sit there we got bored and got back to this.

Shameless plug for a friend. Those in the know, know...

So we're riding along...

looking at the sights...

and finally decide to stop beside the Colorado for a snack.

The view was pretty decent but I kept looking for Sasquatch. Great advertising by Jack Link's, I can't eat their beef jerky without laughing.

Time to head on back down the trail. Probably won't be too long before we stop again.

And I was right. Padre spots a high spot on the trail and we decide that even though we stopped 5 minutes ago and took pictures by golly we need to do it again. And hang over the edge, hoping that the rock that has been there for countless eons doesn't decide at that point in time to say "Screw it" and chuck itself off the top of a 500 foot cliff.

Now heights don't bother me since I'm an old rock climber and Dad I think just isn't scared, but Scott's body language is telling me something here.

"I am slightly uncomfortable in my surroundings," it says. "While I'm not scared there are other places I'd rather be, such as over there, increasing the distance between myself and a fall so great from which not even an Arai helmet, in all it's awesomness, could save me."

All kidding aside Scott is one of the few individuals I've ever seen that will run full tilt-boogie between trees that are barely handlebar width. If heights make him nervous then that's the only thing I know of that does. That and Kung Pao Chicken.

I turned around and saw this. Oh yes. It is good.

We realize that we're coming to the end of Potash Road and after breaking out the map decide to try Gemini Bridges trail, which turns out to be one of our favorite trails. Not difficult technically but just the right ratio of rough:open that makes a 990 just oh so happy.

On the way Dad and I are typical tourists.

At the top of the hill on Gemini Bridges trail.

The Bridges.

The light at this time of the day was getting so low in the canyons that it was screwing with the metering of the camera. No matter what I tried I couldn't find something that would work. Oh well. Just another excuse to head back out there.

After that we decided it was just time to start heading back towards something resembling civilization, like maybe Paradox Pizza. With Scott in the lead on his 690 the GNCC racer came out and we were hitting a good pace on the way out. He scared the bejezzes out of a quad rider in a blind corner though. Back in Moab it was food, drink, showers, phone calls, and bed pretty much in that order.
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