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Fuel Pump running with no module OK R1200xx R1200GS

Hello Gentleman,
I would like to share my experience with you.
After 4 consecutive modules burned out, I decide to try the bypass cable.
My bike is succesfuly running without the fuel pump control unit. It has already around 10 000km without any kind of trouble.

For my experience the control module lasts in medium 17 000km. That is not enough. Does not matter what release of the module is. The heat is buring that electronics. BMW designed this module in order to make the life of the fuel pump longer and also to save a bit the fuel filter (part of the flange).

If you look at the ETK you will see that the part number of the fuel pump of the R1200GS is the same as the one of R1150GS.

R1150GS never had such a module to keep the pump safe. But the fuel pumo of that bike, never had serious issues related. Yes it happened some bike to have problems at 120 000km with the pump.. but it was not that bad. They were very a few, noting to do with the R12 with that module..

The module is driving the pump to work between 80 and 100% of its power.
Tha idea was really good but we saw that, it has been realized in very bad way.

I feel much safer to run my bike without the module considering the very very low reliability it gives. The quality of the pump even running all the times at 100% is 10 times better.

I think if BMW could cut this trouble (the entire module ) off ...would do this. But I think this is the biggest error of that project and it is quite hard to be admitted. I am still convinced it has been introduced with very very good intention, but the bike was not tested enough before production to realize this could not last. Unfortunately I am still not aware of ANY release that is not burning out of this specific electronic component.

Best Regards
R1200GS Feb 2004 78K Km
Running with NO fuel pump CONTROL UNIT //BETA 525 Factory 2009

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