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What are the problems with Caponard and BMW x-laced wheels???

what are the problems with caponord or bmw tubeless x-laced wheels

as cut n pasted from this thread 'ask woody about your wheels''

[quote=DakarBlues]Hi Woody,

is the CapoNord rim set free of any problem when set up for LC8 hub?

we have had no problems attributable to the building/lacing of these rims to any LC-4 or LC-8 hub....i sleep better when i lace the rear wheel with the billet hub from RAD...i had RAD build this hub with extra beef in the areas where spokes go through the sprocket side lugs,,,there's considerably more stress placed on those lugs when the spokes have to cross all the way over to other side of a wide rim,,,specing that hub with 6061-T6 over the oem casting didn't hurt either.

An inmate some time ago told of problems with the wheel consistently falling out of true every so often.
we have built 50 sets of these wheels since the prototype set was built for that particular inmate,,,not one person has reported any problems with his/her wheels,,nor has anyone sent one back for re-truing,,,what we have ascertained is that the Caponord rims as well as all of Bmw's rims that were built by Behr have a QC problem..all my dilemmas arrive in the area where the rim is butt welded together and the associated hand grinding to very loose tolerances,,,the Caponord rims are slightly worse than the BMWs.....

this is the region that i was being slammed for...the rim width internally as well as externally routinely varies between 1-3mm/.040-.120'',,if you make one side perfect well then the other side will be out of wack,,,it was in dealing with this customer's flak that we found the cause of the readings,,now we just split the reading so that territory looks like an hour glass centered on the rim...amazingly i nor anyone else can tell that there is this quirk in the rim,,we have on occasion put the finished wheel in the lathe and machined a bit of the protrusions just to ease my eyeballs.

Is the BMW rim having the same problem?

yes,,,the rim also has unusual divots that vary between.015-.080'',,anything over.030'' we recommend filling with JB weld and machining to less than .010'' circa $30-50 depending how big,,,,FYI some of these divots are close to 3-4'' long,,,we always use the inside bead to do our measurement laterally and longtitudinaly...using the outside is a joke

Is the BMW rim free of that problem?

not yet,,,however i've learned to work with it and routinely get both the Caponords and BMWs coaxed into circa +/- .010'' run-out....i've been told it's damn difficult to make chicken soup out of chicken-shit ,,truth be told i've transformed many a clunker into a very useful unit again,,,hey!!isn't that why spices and perfume were invented???

Is it possible to anodize the BMW wheel orange or Blue?

we can do most anything to anything you've got...

My bike is a 2004 Adventure S (Go!!!!!!!)
well ya have good taste in your bikes at least

I really like the CapoNord piece of art!

it's grown on me too,,,be forewarned we routinely get complaints from customers that get mesmerized with our product and BWOE place them on their coffee tables in the living room ,,develop drooling attacks,,eye fixation problems accompanied by an occasional un-expected woodie ....we are getting kind of concerned over here to the point of recently discussing these symptoms with our insurance agent....those of you who have experienced these symptoms please chime in and offer your advice...

That's what i love about this forum..the camaraderie and willingness to help each other out...

thanks ,,woody
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