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Originally Posted by ADVJake
that right there, tells me you dont know what youre talkin' about. the terrain he is riding is smooth track, if you dont think so then you've never ridden a proper dirt bike.

the thing that lit my ears up was saying that this bike would outride an SE. simply not true.

the entire chassis & engine was built to race out of the box on a 950SE. the 800GS even with 20K in gear, its still an 800GS. Maybe it could keep up with an SE, but beat it? nup.

If you want to be proven wrong, which you probably wont, just head on over to orange crush and have a flick through the 950SE photo thread. Or have a looksie on youtube.
Wow, you're really out to compare sizes here, buddy! Here you come and get all serious and take the thread to negative-town...

Just another ADVRider dick-swinging contest accompanied with massive flying assumptions.....

In your ripe 25 years of life and however fewer years you've ridden motorcycles, you've ridden a race equipped rally or enduro bike?? And no I'm not talking about a stock KTM with their catchy "Ready to Race" slogan attached. I'm talking a real race ready bike, whether it be a KTM, BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, whatever. I haven't. Not many of us have. And given you're level of defense in this subject, looks like you haven't either. The bike in this thread is far more race-prepped than many other bikes I've even seen on this forum, other than an actual Dakar bike. Maybe you don't really know what race-ready means?... So let's both put the tally's away. You take your Orange Crush and Orange flavored Kool-Aid and go back to Orange Crush, and I'll stay here in BMW Kool-Aid land and drool over this bike. Thanks.

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