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Originally Posted by japslap
Tell em your not gonna pay for the bike as its not fit for purpose,here in the uk we have sale of goods act,you guys must have something close,if the bike isnt workin i wouldnt be payin you've given them enough time to cure the fault..................
I think its gone on for long enough that I'm just going to call a lawyer and get the financing transfered to a new 2010 Adventure and just call this one a piece of shit and be done with it, I really dont want the bike back and really don't trust that the bike is fixed properly :(
I wish we had an actual lemon law here in Canada, but there is some arbitration rules, apparently it takes about 70 days to get through the process though and I want this wrapped up before Christmas!

I am going to phone the financing company though and talk to them about not having use of the bike for the last 3 months and see if they will do anything for me , although I have a feeling that they wont as they've paid out KTM and now they just want their money....
we'll see how that goes!
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