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Originally Posted by japslap
Good luck buddy hope you get this sorted,might be worth telling the useless w@@kers who have your bike your going to be spreading the word on all the KTM forums how badly been treated,and id defo tell the finance company and if you have one where you are the trading standards or consumer rights people,there's no way this is acceptable.......
I phoned the finance company today, GE Money and the guy I got was really sympathetic to my cause as he was a fellow rider, but unfortunately GE has already paid out the stealership and basically the consumer really has no rights to complain to them, as the only thing I would be doing to stop making payments would be to hurt my credit rating and get the bike repossessed
I think my only avenue left is a lawyer , which I have been trying to avoid, but seems like the last option I have so that someone will sit up and pay attention :(
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