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beautiful but big...

lurking around in the beasts forum and listening to people argue about which 400+ pound bike is a better dirt bike is sorta like being a voyeur at a chubby chasers swing party. leaves me feeling queasy, but i just... can't... stop... watching...

i own an rxv550 aprilia. got rid of a perfectly functional xr650r and a perfectly perfect ktm200exc to get the thing. i am slower almost everywhere in real dirt on the aprilia, except for maybe those rare times when i'm out in the desert and can just wring the thing open without being afraid for my life. it is too big and too fast for what 90 percent of the dirt riding i do. and it is still gotta be a good 75 or so pounds lighter than any of the bikes being bandied about here.

looking at pictures and videos of dudes roosting either tricked out f800s or se950s around dirt parking lots or "slightly bumpy" ground, or hearing about how they ruled erzberg when they really ruled a very wide, very smooth fire road that some dude from slovakia also ruled on an r1 with knobbies, well, it makes me wonder just what some people think of in terms of "real world dirt bike riding."

maybe i'm spoiled. i can go ride in the sierras and tangle myself up in twisty rocky technical singletrack for days on end. i can head out to the desert and climb really long gnarly hillclimbs or roost down arroyos full of head size rocks or just hold it wide open on a lake bed. so i don't have to pretend that riding a dirt road with a freeway next to it, or a muddy doubletrack with fences every 200 yards, or something that looks like an abandoned gravel loading station is actually worthy of being called "off road riding."

that tricked out f800 looks awesome. i want one. i want a 950 se too. but damned if i'm gonna pretend for a second that they'll be anything but a major scary handful in any kind of real dirt... they're still heavy, overpowered pigs. i guess i always did have a thing for the chubby ones...
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