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MEXICO: Parras de la Fuente

It's about the time of The Mexican Revolution of 1910. One of the most interesting periods in the collective of Latin American history.

Four men, three Gringos and one Mexican, are escaping across the Rio Grande River into Mexico after just having robbed a bank in the town of San Rafael, Texas. They are on horseback and have just paused as they look across the river that they will shortly ford. The Mexican, Angel, starts the conversation as he looks across the river into Mexico:

Angel: Mexico Lindo.
Lyle: I don't see nothin' so 'lindo' about it.
Tector: Just looks like more Texas far as I'm concerned.
Angel: Aw, you have no eyes!
The scene above is from a movie released in July of 1969, but the commentary is applicable to many of today's travelers. Often the collective 'we' travel only the beaten path of tourists. When we do this, "we have no eyes."

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