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Friday, November 20, 2009 Laredo, Texas

I crossed the border yesterday (19 Nov) late afternoon back into the US. This is a planned stop, but I am now holed-up for a day due to inclement weather from Laredo all the way back to Houston. I usually ride in the rain, unless I am looking at a chain of thunderstorms along the route, which seems to be the case from Laredo to Houston today. There are bold pilots and there are old pilots, but there are no bold & old pilots. I am lodged at the wonderful La Posada in Laredo. A pretty good place to hole-up.

I've been debating as whether or not to write this ride report being that we have so many ride reports on Mexico already. The database has become rich with data on Mexico for almost any type of adventure, and with respect to riding and the logistics of riding I really would not have anything new to offer in this regard. However, in talking to tricepilot on the phone last night, he raises the point that the town of Parras de la Fuente (simply called Parras) has only slight detail written on it.

I will focus more on discussing Parras itself and less on discussion of the ride. BTW, also a thanks to my buddy ChangoGS for providing me with some research points on Parras.

I departed Houston on Monday, 16 Nov
shortly after first light. Typically I like to take a picture of the bike just before the ride. Below is shown my Lady in Red. The choke is out and she is warming up. You can see the morning twilight in the background. Five minutes to go and then I mount up and head towards Mexico Lindo.

It takes about a day to ride from Houston to Laredo, which was my first stop. You can see from my SPOT tracks (ride now completed) that I generally stay off of the interstates. So then I am overnight in Laredo.

Border crossing, again at dawn the next morning was of course hassle-free as usual. Plenty of info here on ADVrider that discusses border crossings. I took Cuota (toll) roads for the most part, however, you can see on my SPOT tracks where I took Libre roads over ground that I had not previously covered. My general policy is to take the Libre when it is new ground for me, and then take the Cuota only if it is territory I have already seen via the Libre and want to make time to the destination. One gets to see a lot more via the Libre roads, so I recommend Libre roads for first-timers on new terrain.

Northern leg.

Southern leg.

Total miles from Houston to Parras, ~1,300 miles.

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