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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The ride along MEX40 is pure desert. Out of Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey the route is along MEX85D, then skirt around to the north of Monterrey and jump onto MEX40 towards the city of Saltillo. The road takes you through the northern part of Saltillo and then out of Saltillo onto MEX40 again, towards the city of Torreón. About 90 miles west of Saltillo you will see the turn to the left for Parras de la Fuente. Signage is good the whole way, however, I always suggest that one get a Guia Roji map book (or similar) and study the routes in advance.

So, here I am out in the middle of the desert on MEX40 where I come upon the left turn (south) for Parras. I turn left on this desert road and proceed south for maybe 18 kilometers. Just more desert scrub. Then all of a sudden I see trees, tall trees that are changing to autumn colors. Hmmm. Am I in the Northeast US now all of a sudden? Wait a minute, I was just out in the middle of the desert. Huh? (Aw, you have no eyes!)

What's that up ahead? Are those vineyards? Am I in Sonoma, California now all of a sudden? Huh? (Aw, you have no eyes!)

I better stop this motorcycle and make sure I am not hallucinating. After all I am out in the desert and this could all be a mirage. I stop the bike. Is that water I hear running? Where is that water coming from? It sounds like it is only a few feet away. It is only few feet away! It's right next to me! Look at it run! Some sort of irrigation channel and the water is clear. I wonder where this water is coming from. Huh? (Aw, you have no eyes!)

Welcome to Parras de la Fuente (Vines of the Fountain). A natural oasis out in the middle of the Coahuila Desert. A tranquil, beautiful, and magical town, known to Mexicans, unknown to most Gringos. The first place in the New World were wine was cultivated. Parras de la Fuente - Un Pueblo Mágico, bello, glorioso y antiguo. Birthplace of benemérito de la patria Francisco Madero.


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