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I can't remember where I saw this but I approached things from the other end - the throttle-cam end.

I had already done the 'hacksaw your throttle tube down a bit' mod and it was noticeable but not overwhelming so I was looking for a bit more gradation to throttle response.

Essentially, I made the throttle cam larger thus requiring more twist of the throttle to get an equivalent throttle-cam rotation - making it easier to titrate the throttle in slippery situations.

Since I'm not sure where I saw it, here's what's involved.

Open up the left side by taking off the little panel below the under-seat keyhole and then loosening or taking off the left side-panel.

You can then see and access the throttle cam. You open the throttle cam fully and slip a small gauge wire (I think this one's 14G) into the groove under the cable. Make sure it's set firmly in the groove. I made a mark with a Sharpie just to be able to monitor it slipping out.

Before turning on the bike, loosen the throttle cable ALL THE WAY. Make sure you have some slack. This way, you avoid turning on the bike and it hitting redline with a tight cable. Then, with the bike on, while turning the steering from lock to lock you can adjust out any tension on the throttle cable with movement of the bars from lock to lock.

After about 1,000 miles with this, I found a significant improvement in throttle attenuation with this totally and easily reversible mod.

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