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The Wild Bunch and San Rafael, Texas

In post #1 was mentioned a movie released in 1969 and the town of San Rafael, Texas. The town is mere movie fiction. However, the location of that town actually exists and it is the town of Parras de la Fuente. The opening scene of director Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch was filmed in Parras de la Fuente around the main plaza and in other parts of Mexico.

In the history of the US Old West there are two gangs that went by the name of “The Wild Bunch.” One of these was Butch Cassidy’s gang which also went by the name “The Hole in the Wall Gang.” The other was also known as “The Doolin-Dalton Gang,” which was much more violent. Both gangs were long dead in reference to the period in time of the motion picture and there is no similarity to the events of the movie or these historical gangs. Interesting, however, is that both historical gangs had an association with the Dalton Brothers.

The building in the photo directly below is shown in the movie with a sign that says “San Rafael”. Unfortunately, this old building is awaiting renovation.

The buildings were dressed up with props for the movie and dirt was laid on the streets to make it look like a dusty cowboy town. I spoke with a few residents living in these homes and only a few knew about the movie being made here. Though the movie was allowed to be filmed in Mexico, when it was released, it was banned in Mexico. The movie did not portray Mexico in a very positive light. The Wild Bunch in Spanish is referred to as Pandilleros Salvajes. I am not sure if it is still banned today, but I doubt it.

If you rent/buy the DVD, here are relevant shots that you can pick out from the opening scene.

To the left this is actually a school. Several of the lady teachers came out to talk to me. Only one knew about the movie. They were interested in why I was in Parras and why I knew about some of its history.

The central park.


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