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I really do like the /5 solution, in spite of its shortcomings (the usual BMW speedo issues, and the broken needles, and the squirrely-acting cable),

(looks r e a l l y nice in white....)

but the clincher was....

the headlight.

I happen to like a nice, big headlight. I love these 8" headlights, clean up the lens and put in a new H4 bulbs, and they work! Now, I am not an 80mph-at-night rider. No, my night rides are simply because, here in Florida, in the summer, it is absolutely delightful to feel the balmy breeze of the night air. Daytime: hot hot hot. Night time: perfect! Plus, the bluehairs have already gone to bed, or are downing their cocktails, so the roads have only the young, the rowdy and the drunk.... and I will take my chances with them ANY DAY rather than the bluehair set. Plus, the 8" headlight has good presence during the daytime, when the blue-set is out and holding back traffic......

So this is what I ended up with:

It looks good, works great, and took some work.... hence the thread to get some of you'se guys on the right track.....
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