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We (Frank N. has been sold, and the new owner wanted me to install the Acewell for him (!)) ordered the unit. There are a couple of places that handle the Acewell, it seems, but Electrosport seems to have the full selection, a nice website, and an efficient way of getting the product out. Good things to say about them!

There are several choices of models, we chose the Ace 2803, as it seemed to have the look, the lights and the options that we wanted. The various models give you combinations of idiot lights including turn signals, oil pressure, genlight, high beams, and fuel level. The 2803 has all of them except the fuel level (we airheads are resourceful... we open the filler cap and look in!).

Frankly, if it did it again, I might just order the 2802 since it does away with the genlight... more on why, later.

You must select a speedo adapter at the same time, so we ordered the "S" model: the universal front wheel magnet. They also make specific speedo-cable adapters which, I hear, can be easily modified to use the BMW speedo cable output. The whole package came to something like $130 iirc.

This is what showed up:

As you can see, the unit is quite small. It has a nice heft, though, the casing feels very solid, and it has a small bracket attached to the bottom, with a wire/harness hanging out. My first impression was of a good, solid unit. Their promo stuff states that it is 100% waterproof, vibration-tested to 8g's, and impact-tested to 100g's....!! Time will tell, but it is designed for this application, it is not a light-duty bicycle unit.
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