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but does it flicker a bit at idle speeds?
I went on a very tough trail ride yesterday and had no problems whatsoever.

Now did you get it all sealed/tidied up so nothing gets nicked whilst it's in operation? How does it work? How long will it last?
Everything is sealed and put back exactly the way it came out. If done correctly it should last indefinitely. Though I may worry about the epoxy, some don't hold up to the high temperature oil, so I'm told, same goes for the zip-ties.

Do you have any numbers for us regarding output wattage?
For numbers, fellow inmate Luke has posted a write up on this called Stators Demystified. Or you can check ProCycle's link at the bottom.

What are the torque values for the 3 bolts that hold the Stator in and what are the torque values for the bolts that hold the Stator cover onto the block?
I am not sure of the torque values, I tightened everything down to about 10 lbs. I did not use any loctite either.

So I take it this mod works by providing a better impedance match to the heavier electrical load. If that's the case, then power output should be better at all rpms. No?
For this question I'll forward you to ProCycle. He explained it very well.

I have posted this on ThumperTalk as well so more can see it. Check it out here for answers to some other questions you may have or to ProCycle's original post.
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