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Don't cut your throttle tubes!!

Hey everyone, just got off the phone with Sam at G2 to ask him about machining the G2 Tamer to include the space where the heater wires rest on the stock tube. He said they can't for a reason that is best illustrated by this picture:

As you can see, the distance between the inner edge of the throttle cable hole and the outter edge of the delrin bushing on the G2 is about half that of the stock throttle. G2 does that because if you don't bring the throttle cable hole in, the angle between the hole and the groove actually is steep enough that it initially negates the idea. They specifically and carefully machine the tube to give a 20% reduction in cable pull through the first 40 degrees of rotation, and the location of the hole is essential to this being smooth.

As you can see above, G2 moves the hole down into the area where the heater wires live on the stock tube so they can't machine out that space.

Sam also pointed something out, if you're cutting the stock tube you're actually cutting into the area where the heater wires are. If you cut through, you'll actually cut the wires. And, over time, the throttle cable will likely "saw" through what's left of the tube and into the heater wires which could cause a short.
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