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After admiring the new unit, the first step was to test the wires on the bike and figure out what would go to what....

So I clipped together the "harness" that is supplied with the Acewell, and used their wiring diagram to help diagnose....

Yes, those lovely plastic plugs come with the unit... I cannot imagine how or why anyone would use them, but for me they were handy so that I could simply strip the ends and stick them into the pod harness: the square rubber jobby that plugs into the back of the BMW /6 and /7 pod. Yes, each of those little holes are for a specific wire, and knowing which is what, is key to the whole shebang....

We are, in a nutshell, trying to get the wires on the left to hook up to the wires within the plug on the right... something like breeding a cat and a dog, methinks....

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of extra square plugs, so I simply used an ohm-meter to test which color wire goes to which # plug.

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