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Thanx for the compliment :)

I don't have time to read the hole story, but I'd like to add someting to the chargelight story.

Some people on a Dutcj board (GS-club) claim they've solved the problem by hooking everything up as if the triangle light is the normal BMW chgargelightbulb and than added a resistor paralel to the led.

They claim it's simple and it works, didn't work for me though...

Another possibility, what I've done, is hook up the triangle led like as if it was the BMW bulb charge light and don't do anything else.

What will happen is that your chargelight (triangle led) will stay on and your bike won't charge during riding. HOWEVER, it sounds weird and I don't really understand why, but it's like this on all airheads, if you pull in your clutch and rev it fast once over 4500-5000 rpm the charge led will go off and start reacting like the original charge light.

So hook it up as if the led was a bulb, rev it once every ride (there's plenty of charge in a normal battery to get the engine up to temperature first) and it will behave like the original charge system. Easier than this isn't possible.

by the way: that black acewell looks excellent on your bike!!
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