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The biggest cause of MC wheel bearing failures is river crossings , The seals on bearings are good but not that good . When I install new bearings I pop one seal and pack the bearings with hitemp very high load grease . I have not had a bearing failure since using this procces . 35,000 + on my 950 bearings . The first time I change tires on a new bike I treat the wheel bearings the same way . This can be done without removing the bearings from the wheel . If you have two bearings installed together you can pop both inner seals and pack the intire cavity with grease . There seems to be a few people out there that thinking packing a bearing full of grease is bad . For short life high speed use they may be right . For long life in adverse envinromental conditions they are flat wrong . If the bearing is packed full of lube no water can penetrate , and water sucks as a lubricant . SEYA
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