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Thanks for all of the kinda words guys

Its now been 12 weeks as of today, and they phoned earlier in the week and they were supposed to have fixed the blinking snowflake icon by replacing the the whole dash, which KTM finally seems to have supplied after they sent a sensor, then told them to check the wiring, and now have finally sent a sensor......
I'm pretty speechless about how shitty the service has been between KTM and Cycleworks, it took them almost 8 weeks to say they had the stalling issue fixed for which they apparently replaced the fuel pump (after sending the bike back to me two weeks after I dropped it off there saying they cleared the codes and it should be fine
Now is been another 4 weeks to get the snowflake icon fixed :(
Normally I wouldn't bother with something like the ambient temp, but since its a brand new bike with 8300km on it I would kind of like to have it fixed before it runs out of warranty at the end of next year :(
makes me think I might have to purchase the extended warranty, or just get rid of the 09 for a '10 model

I'm really thinking of going the bad publicity way, but have a feeling that since things are so tight with everyone right now this could be a hard fight
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