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Originally Posted by upweekis
And your opinion of the F800GS as an adventure bike?

First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all you FFs out there!

The F800GS was a blast during this trip, it lived up to all my expectations and more. I felt confident and daring enough to try new things. Also the repair and recovery from crashes was easy enough even though I am out of shape.

My opinions in no specific order... written kind of fast

Rideablility, maneuverability, and general comfort
- The low BMW seat was great for me, I didn't want to compromise the suspension but I still wanted to tip-toe the bike. No problems with my butt on the 600 miles highway trip.
- Bike feels really light in the twisties and tight fire roads even with all the gear on.
- Gear felt like it was not even there and only when I leaned way back during downhills I could feel it but that was not a problem.
- I am amazed at the maneuverability on fast twisty roads with the knobbies and 21 inch front. I was carving the mountain roads as fast or faster than I would on my SV650S. The suspension inspires confidence in corners because it can soak up anything unexpected unlike the SV. (Disclaimer: I have progressive springs and heavier fork oil).
- Coming to a stop I have to prepare a bit because I can only get one foot down and support any weight, I have to pick my stopping spot on trails so I can get a good foothold lol I am fine with this because once I get going it feels amazing.

- Great power on the highways with gear no problems even at 9500 feet that I noticed.
- Bike can go to super low RPMs and not bog down so I do this instead of slipping the clutch, works well.

- Stock windscreen is great off road and gives you lots of air.
- Buffets on the highways and gets tiring holding your head up especially with a dual sport helmet. This was probably the most uncomfortable part in the 600 mile day.

- Great in the wet pavement
- Terrible on anything dirt. Don't forget to turn it off!!!
- Turns back on every time you turn the electrical system off and on.
- Very easy to turn off, just have to be stopped and hold the button for 3 seconds.

Gas Tank
- Not super easy to put gas in you have to concentrate to not splash around a lot.
- Weight in the back low is great!!
- Helps narrow the front of the bike and make standing very easy.

On Board Computer
- LOVE the temperature gauge!
- Miles to go gas gauge never let me down, was relatively acurate the whole trip. At least it is more informative than the gas light that comes on with my SV650S and no gauge...

Center Stand
- Easy to put loaded bike on center stand and take it off.
- Front end requires too much weight on the rear to lift off the ground.
- In the field without a jack would require to lay the bike over to change front tube.

Heated Grips
- MY SAVIOR! LOVE THEM! I would have been miserable without these. I used them every day almost all day. (Two settings low and high, I usually switched between off, low and high to get to the desired warmth).

- Kind of dissapointed in the mileage I get from the Metzler Karoo T in the rear (2500) but it works great!!!!

Service and Repair
- Easy access to maintenance parts
- Easy wheel removal and re-install
- Chain of course is a PITA to maintain but I wouldn't have it any other way, it is fixable in the field!

I may post more when I think of some... Now I am off to my parent's place for some Turkey!!
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