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Originally Posted by bpeckm
Throbbing Missile: 106! Yowza! Got any pics of your installs that you might post up, here....??
Here you go:

If you look between the caliper adapter bracket and the fork leg you can see the sender tucked away there. This bike has the front wheel from a KTM and the disc has a built in magnet.

The dash setup is fairly plain, just the gubbins mounted in a plastic box. That brake line is positioned perfectly to obscure the speed reading when you're seated. Probably ought to fix that...

For the Guzzi I machined an ali bracket that holds the sender and clamps to the wheel spindle inboard of the fork leg. I turned up a deep nut that holds the magnet on the end of one of the disc bolts, visible just below the sender mount.

Here's the dash, again mounted on a plastic box, this time with an ali face:

I want to swap the two over at some point as the round one would suit the Guzzi better and vice-versa.

I love the combination of gloss black, matt black and cream on that BM - very stylish.
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