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Re: Drilling for fuel

Originally posted by dizave
I noticed in the S4 siphon thread people were talking about some drilling that was done to improve fuel capacity... What is the deal with this? Does anyone have instructions/pics/comments? I can think of at least one time in Wyoming I would have done just about anything for more fuel....
You can also, for a few dollars, put in a filler neck from an RT, it's not as deep, and lets you pour in more fuel quite easily. Can even drill the RT neck, why not?

But sure as heck you have to get rid of the canister, or you'll foul it when you fill up. Your 1150GS has a diffeent vent valve/overflow/tipover thingee in theer than on the R1100 models, it is good to angle it up higher (don't break it) so as to adjust it for the increased capacity of the tank.
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