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Well I was finally able to test out my bike on the trails and see if I had any regrets on the decisions I had made.

My friend and I took our DR's out on the trails at the beginning of the week. We went on ATV trails in our area through the woods, creeks, and muddle hills and was it ever challenging with these big bikes. It was a scenario of man handle or be man handled...

I enjoyed every moment! The bikes performed great and even survived some hard crashes and many tip-overs. One thing that seemed to help handling was lowering the front forks. Mine are lowered to the handle bars while my friends were up at stock. After switching bikes, it seemed that my DR was the more stable of the two. I also had 80lbs more weight on my bike than he did since I am 40lbs heavier and I had my ammo cans on, another 40lbs. This may have helped stable my bike a bit but I'll leave that to speculation.

We didn't get pictures of the trail riding but got some dirty ones after.

The next day my IMS tank came and I installed it and rebuilt my racks while my friend built his.

Here are some photos from the day.

The goal of rebuilding my racks was to make them symmetric, since I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and to raise up the boxes.

Here are my friends racks for his Nelson-Rigg soft bags.

At this time I also cut off the metal lip on one end of each box and welded that side shut so the lids can hinge up stand on end. Then I painted the boxes so they won't rust anymore.

As of yesterday, after the paint had cured, I started making the new attachment brackets for the ammo cans.

The bracket will mount on the bottom of the rack and then I only need to secure two screws at the top and my boxes are mounted.

And the finished product. Now I just have to make a windscreen.

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