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Originally Posted by tmex

If I rode only pavement or fire roads, I would have left mine alone. I suspect people who claim to be doing fine with an F8 and a 30" or less inseam are simply not riding it on agressive off road venues such as Lippincott Road and Steel Pass in Death Valley.
I have a 30" in seam and have no problems riding aggressive mountain passes here in Colorado! Have I dropped the bike because I needed to dab and got air. Yeah, so that will happen on EVERY bike you ride off road! It can't be helped.

Skill and confidence has a lot to do with it. I've ridden my 800 through things that others have paddled through and subsequently tipped over. The bottom line is that people need to honestly and seriously evaluate the type of riding they are going to do. Then they need to know that they will eventually run into something that they will FUCK UP and deal with the consequences!
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