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On Saturday morning I head out and pound some pavement out to Oklahoma. I have not driven/ridden the route I am taking so it is interesting to me, I always love seeing more of my homeland… Texas!

Part way to AR I get on a cool road that initially starts out as quite a thrill. This is what I came for!!! This is Joslin Rd in Oklahoma.

Unfortunately I get stopped on my route after Joselin Rd splits into two D roads. The D road I needed to take (D4289) quickly became iffy and I reconsidered traveling down this road. Here is a gps view of where I was, I am turned around at this point ready to backtrack.

This is what I was faced with when I turned around. Yes I can get through this and in-fact I did travel all the way down the left side of the mud puddles to turn around. The problem was when I talked towards the end of the puddles the road all but disappeared and when I took my helmet off I could head chainsaws down the way. Someone probably had his family over for Thanksgiving and made them get out and clear some trails on their land lol.

After I got the bike turned around (not too bad even fully loaded) I took another shot before backtracking to the main road and heading towards Arkansas!

Getting into Ouachita National Forest there were a lot of cool stuff to see!! Even though many of the helpful peeps in my regional forum suggested routes through the Ozark National Forest (north of here) I think there is a lot of promising routes through the Ouachitas!!

I was constantly surprised by how green the water looked in the streams around here.

Same place different angle…

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