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These types of roads are amazing. I have no idea what, if any, speed limit there is on these roads but I travel at the speed I am comfortable at… which is super fast! I am relying on my GPS to show my how tight turns are ahead of my since I can’t tell through the trees. In areas where there are sheer cliffs (many) I slow down and yell “Oh shit there’s a cliff” every once in a while hahahha..

Getting closer to the top of this mountain I am on. This National Forest (Ouachita) is trippy because the mountains are all super long and relatively strait. The forest service roads travel directly on top of them since that is the obviously easy access route to any fires/etc.

At some point you have to go down lol. This road can be traveled at high speeds if you don’t mind the sheer cliffs, trees, etc on all sides of you!!

At this point I have to give a wave to the hunters out there. None of you guys shot at me even though most of you gave me the evil eye as I passed by hehe. I felt lucky I had an orange helmet on, a fact I realized only later in the game. I am sure for the 100-200 of you guys I saw out in the woods there were probably 500 I didn’t see. I asked a game warden I met later if I was disturbing the hunt by razing around on my F8 and he laughed and said no problem.
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