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My GPS was routing me through some small roads I know I did not intend it to go through. I think it was on the “shorter distance” setting when I created the route, which is fine with me if it goes through cool roads.

I saw this road on the GPS, very short, and said “why not” and tried to take it. It is CR-E1553 near 270 on the Oklahoma side of the border.

You could tell this creek crossing has been recently paved, would have been nice to forge the river!!

More fast roads, the light was fading but it seemed to be fading the entire day. Winter is strange to me because the light seems to never be full. In Dallas I am used to days that never seem to end, nights that are hot, and a dominant sun that beat on your skull mercilessly.

The roads on the sides of the cliffs were amazing, I don’t think I have experienced much like this before, especially the unguarded dirt roads of the national forests. All I could hope for is grabbing a tree strong enough to hold me if I went over the edge lol. Sure if you only were putting around at 10 mph on your 4x4 you would never see any danger but I had some ground to cover. Some speed is required to cover 1000 miles in two days on roads like this!

Here is the end of the day bike wise… I am at Cove Lake campgrounds in the Ozark National Forest. The place is quiet, only one other family is here and they are on the other side. During the night two other families arrive at the campground and they all stay far away, I am happy. I can’t tell you how much I hate listening/seeing other people when I am camping and I took quite a risk coming here, but all is well.

During the night the family that has been there a long time suddenly yelled out very loud to scare away a bear I did not see. I am used to bears in camp sites throughout my journeys (the closest I came was probably 4-5 feet through my tent wall when I could feel the bear’s steps on the ground and hear her breath) so I took care to clean all my food and ensure none of my gear in my tent had any scent. I had a signal on my phone and sent out a few messages/posts/e-mails to friends to confirm where I was. Of course people are used to me going on random trips for no reason so it is mostly a formality.

Here is the last pic I took of the day, with my phone… Don’t ask my why I didn’t take out my real camera but this was handy and I was enjoying the warmth!

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