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So now I start on day two on the roads that Zecatfish has provided me. I really have to compliment everyone in the regional forums for helping me and being friendly! I can say this experience on the forums and in AR has made me want to come back more often!

The day started out on some pavement and finally I get to this point:

The roads continue on as smooth dirt and I haul ass knowing I have some miles to cover.

Here is a shot of the typical early morning roads I was traveling on day 2.

I got to the top of the mountain I was riding on and it was an amazing site!!! It is fun to feel like you are climbing for many miles here, opposed to the constant up-down you get in Texas from the hill country (I love Texas!).

The view off the side. I made a point to get off and soak it in, most of the time I was concentrating on the road instead of the scenery (donít worry the road is plenty scenic too lol). Sorry since I donít have a tripod there are tons of pics of the bike instead of meÖ actually if I had a tripod I would still only take pics of the bike lol.

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