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Soon I was a super smooth dirt road (I think this is part of the TAT) and hauling ass towards the lunch station in Oark recommended to me by fellow ADV riders (THANKS!). This was a small creek crossing on the way.

This is the interior of the Oark Café. The place was packed!!! I tried to take this pic covertly since the other 50 people inside were obviously locals but I am sure everyone here is used to the random dual sport rider coming through. If you are within 50 miles of here for lunch you must go!!!!

I totally want that sign in the background!!! Beef-Pro woot!.

Just in case you didn’t take me seriously… This is one of the best burgers I have had in my life, a double ˝ pound bacon cheeseburger. Note: the ˝ pound patty, triple bacon strips, and cheese is ALL doubled!!!! I am glad I did not order frys as I wolf down the whole thing and then try to settle my insides as I fill up with gas outside. Everyone here is really nice! I am jealous of their ability to live in this part of the world but I would hate the 400 mile commute to my work place…

Dang… now I am really craving another burger from Oark, AR…. Oh yeah and they do it Texas/Southern style with the mustard instead of the mayo like the yanks like it
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