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Alright back to the riding… After refueling myself and my bike I was on the route ZeCatfish had shared with me. I found myself on an offshoot that dead ended on my GPS but his route said went through. Fun stuff…

I quickly found out why it dead-ended, this is where I turned back for the first time this ride. Sure it doesn’t look like much in the picture and I definitely respect everyone in previous ride reports where I have said “oh that looks easy” in their pictures.

Upon closer examination the middle of the river was flowing fast and was at least 1 foot deep with ˝ foot ledges everywhere. I am sure I can get through this but since it was not on the map and I did not know what was on the other side I was not sure I could get back the same way… I needed another person for encouragement and assistance if need be to really feel confident.

Oh well.. time to slab it around the area. Sorry catfish! I can see the route is totally open but I didn’t have the balls to try it this time. Luckily this proves there is stuff out there that will satisfy more hardcore riders and help me improve my skills!!!

This is the other side of the road I gave up on. If all goes well you should come out of here to where I am from the creek crossing.

Time to go down the mountain! I stopped here because the road was so steep and I needed to kill the bike in gear to keep it from rolling while I got the camera. The sheer cliff on the side made things really interesting on the way down. This is one of those areas where people who have a wild imagination and are afraid of heights should not take their eyes off the road!!!!

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