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Well, I spent a couple of pleasant Sunday morning hours doing the final installation of the Acewell.

I looked all over the place for a decent mounting bracket, but the motorcycle mounts were all way to fancy, and chrome, etc etc. I wanted a simple clamp-on bracket, and found one at the bicycle store:

The mount is a simple around-the-bar with some flexible black plastic, it came with two sizes, lots of little shims to adjust to any handlebar, and cost $11. Plus, I get an LED flashing, clip-on to attache to my back!

The genlight is the thing with the two wires, above. I was going to leave it in the mount-hole, since it was a nice, elegant solution, but I had no way to make another hole in the Acewell bracket, now that it is wired into the bike. So, I used the Acewell mount as a mount!

I was able to use the little Acewell rubber grommet in mounting the unit, so it has a somewhat-flexible, yet tight and secure mount.

I decided to put the genlight in the triple-tree, using the hole on the right, so I drilled it out to 3/8", pushed it in, and made up the wires by soldering and heat shrink.

I tried a new joint, that I had read about: pushing the strands together and soldering, but frankly, it was a pita and did'nt come out as neat as one might have hoped..... But, it worked, and the heat shrink plus TommyTape made for a neat installation.

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