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Originally Posted by tmex
For me the criteria for being able to take a bike off road comfortably is the ability to spin a donut so you can change directions easily when things are deteriorating. This manuever is needed going uphill, downhill, and flat. Prior to taking an inch out of the suspension I was about 70% depending on terrain - hills being easier by nature of their intrinsic bias. After lowering I can spin a donut easily anyhwere and safely and quickly turn around without looking like a dork making a ten point turn. A lower seat would not work well for me since the pegs with the standard seat are perfect for the sitting to standing transition. With the Touratech risers I am standing nearly all the time off road.I would be cramped with the low seat - I tried it.

If I had to "Captain Morgan" the bike, I would not ride it. Whatever works for you is the right answer.
"I would not ride it, whatever works for you" is a crappy answer. Just because some of us are short and not skilled enough to "donut" a bike around at a moments notice doesn't mean we are idiots for not lowering the bike...

Is there no benefit to an extra inch of travel in rough terrain?
Is looking like a "dork" at stop lights enough to cause you to compromise your suspension?
Is struggling to turn around on a hill enough to compromise?

I choose to ride with the crippling scenario of not being able to firmly plant both feet wherever I go because I like to know I have the suspension even if I am too much of a noob to be able to fully use it.

EDIT: Sorry tmex this is no affront on your belief and after thinking about if for a couple minutes I can see a value of turning around quickly and being comfortable when stopped. BUT seriously... what is the suspension there for if you can't use every mm of it?...

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