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Originally Posted by BillyD
Better not do it in your driveway, else Ami will get mad at you!!
True. I am a good boy around the house. Your donut is still visible in my driveway and she gets annoyed everytime she walks by and sees it which is why I leave it there.

Many of the replies above equate lowering with compromising your suspension. Would the suspension be even better if you raise it an inch? There is nothing magic about the suspension travel other than it should be as long as possible given all the other constraints associated with the motorcycle.

All of life is a compromise. There are endless arguments on this forum over which dual sport is best for this or that - compromise, compomise, compromise,... There is no perfect motorcycle. For me, taking an inch out of the suspension is a compromise I am willing to make given how I use the motorcycle. If others think differently that is their own conclusion based on how they intend to use the motorcycle, their riding style, and their ability. All I am saying is that for some people lowering makes perfect sense, and it certainly does not ruin the motorcycle. It is completely and easily reversible. I am not advocating it as anything but a sensible option for people not comfortable with the F8 seat height. There is no reason not to be comfortable on the bike and have fun if you have a 29" inseam. Another option is to become very good and ride like a ballerina. I think having to Captain Morgan the bike is dangerous and sooner or later you will have more than a simple tip over. Just my opinion.

Jeez, if you guys are happy with it great. The OP asked if he could ride the bike with a 30" inseam. I guess there are lots of folks who are just fine with it, and maybe he will be too. At 31" and 6' I was not happy with it and I did something about it. I did not molest a child or steal from a handicapped person. Lay off already.
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