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Question LC4 radiator removal... for no apparent reason.

Decided to pull the tank and check the condition of the vacuum piston and diaphram. Did that... all is well.

So, while I was there, I thought I'd check the left oil line to see if it had chewed thru the radiator or frame or... itself. Did that... all is well.

So, while I was there, I checked the antifreeze level... a bit low. It is the original stuff, with 6K miles... so I drained it.

Then... for no apparent reason, I removed the radiators. Don't ask why... I don't know why.

So here are the pics...

That braded SS hose is the one many people were concerned about rubbing against the back of the rad.

The plastic radiator deflectors sure are a pain in the ass to remove, and the tank support was a little on the "sprung" side at the upper left mount.

While I have them off, I think I'll flush the rads and motor out, do a valve adjust, take a few pics for the valve adjust guide, stare at shit until I can find 5 other things to screw around with... then put it back together.

Anyone have any questions or would like photos of something previously not easily seen, give me a shout, it'll be like this for a week or so.

More to come... eventually.
So... how's tricks?
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