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I am getting the bike ready for her new owner, and in cleaning the bike, have found a new favorite for cleaning aluminummmmmmmm........

It's a metal polish called White Diamond. It is truly amazing. It gets everything black....

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the "before".... best I could do was to stop at mid-cover, and attempt to take a picture (ps I hate these digital cameras with so little control over what happens: flash/no flash, and that's about it...)

This shows the side on the left pretty well cleaned and polished, and the right is how it started out. It took about fifteen minutes to do that on the left...

It gets everything, including hands, very black!.... You squeeze some stuff onto the rag and start rubbing. The rag immediately turns black, so you rub it all with one side of the rag, then go back with some fresh stuff on the other side, and turn it black.... eventually it doesn't get so black, at which point you let it dry to a haze, and when you wipe it off with another sortaclean rag, it shines up!

I don't think I spent much more than half an hour, and probably eight little rags (6" square?) that I had made up from old discarded bath towels.

Pretty amazing stuff! And it leaves a wax on the metal so that it does not spot, stain, etc.... I am sure that it won't last forever, but it sure looks good and will probably be relatively easy to "re-polish"....
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