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A Two-fer...North Cascades Hwy,WA to Lost Coast,CA

I headed west across the Palouse farmlands. It was a lovely warm and breezy
summer day. I'm in a hurry so no pics. Out into the Columbia Basin and the breeze turns to real wind and the temp climbs considerably.

It feels like I'm riding thru a hair dryer at 100 mph. Head buffeting and my sinuses hurt from the heat and low humidity.

My goal is a slide show, etc, by Lois Pryce and Austin Vince, in Monroe WA.
Of course I start late and am trying to make up time. At Vantage I veer right and head to George then to Wenatchee where I make a wrong turn and wind up downtown at rush hour. Some construction slows traffic and a loss of power messes up the lights and turns off the gas station.

Back on the main road I find gas and as I head up the valley the winds subside.

I barely slow for the tourist trap of Leavenworth and press the low speed limits to Stevens Pass. Fog slows me to 10mph and the cold is enough that I put on my Hippo Hands and wind breaker.

I arrive a bit late and Lois is already speaking.

Lois Pryce...Lois on the Loose.

Lois is an attractive sassy lass and will make a lovely grandma some day.

Austin Vince...Mondo Enduro

Austin is a serious character with a lot of energy, and the two of them put on a good casual informative show. Mostly trying to encourage others to take the big step for a long cycle trip.

After meeting them, I wander around in the dark looking for a cheap motel.

Next morning I head up I-5, after a heart attack breakfast at Nadine's in Smokey Point.

I dead reckon NE and there was a lot of wandering. I think I went thru both Concrete and Darrington. How did I do that?

I did a bit of flower smelling.

This old school bldg is still in use. Tafton Elementary. A caretaker said it is an historical bldg.

I finally clear the traffic.

Old #6 has a bit of a starboard list.

and a superheater

I like these steel bridges.
The gate guard glares at me. "It's after curfew." He looks me up and down, "What do you think you are, some kind of ****** tourist?" ..Phu Loi 1969
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