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Greenwood is a colorful little town with lots of nice bldgs.

Town Hall, if I remember correctly

the Post Office.

At the edge of town was this oddity. Where did the dirt go? Was there a railway thru it or over it? Hmmm

I could have crossed the border here, but I haven't found my cookies yet. Lemon Crunch, a store brand, and I can't remember the store name.

It looks a bit stormy in the mountains.

An interesting road below the bridge, but the impending weather keeps me going forward.

BC has such good riding. Good roads. Low traffic. Great scenery.

A few junctions and decisions later I find myself in Nelson,BC. This is one of my favorite destinations. A laid back town with lots of small shops set up for walking around. I take a break for a cup of tea at this place up on the hill. The young waitress was friendly and easy to look at. I plopped into a comfy overstuffed chair and started to read "Lois on the Loose". The chair won and I started to head bob. More decisions. Take a nap, and make a spectacle of myself or get back on the bike.

Down at the gas station the pump wont take my card. The scanner inside won't take my card. I relinquish a $20 US and get bad conversion rates

An Atm down the street won't take my card. Hmmm. This puts a crick in my trip.

I've let myself get low on cash. $10 us and about $12 canadian. 300 mi from home. Time to head south for home in a direct line.

Kootenay Pass. The highest pass in BC.

At Creston I top off the gas using my Canadian money. Since no one will take Canadian when I cross the border, I spend it on cookies. Not the cookies I was looking for, but a nice cheesecake crunchy cookie. Mmmm.

The Porthill Crossing Post Office.

Back in the USA and the light is great.

Watch out for those north Idaho turkeys.

I came around the corner and these guys were 10ft deep and clear across the road. Edge to edge, and they didn't move. I came to a stop and got out the camera. A car came by and divided the flock. This pic is only half of them.

I hit reserve just before home. I still had some change in my pocket, too.

So, a bit of drama that turned out OK. It seems the bank issued me a new replacement card (with different numbers) and canceled the old one. My old one was still in good shape and I hadn't put the new one in my wallet. Doh!

Next up is my trip, a couple weeks later, from north Idaho thru Oregon to the Lost Coast, CA. Thru the Wallowas, John Day, Mt Lassen Park, Redwoods Park, Hwy 36.
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