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Originally Posted by Triwi
Does anyone else share my irritation with the switchable ABS? Changing from seal to dirt I prefer to switch off the ABS -
  • If I wish to stabilise the bike when entering, say, thick gravel a dab of the rear brake produces nothing, as the ABS lets go, at exactly the point I most need it.
  • Say I enter a steep blind downhill hairpin having forgotten to de activate, there is again only freewheeling available at precisely the moment the way is blocked with an uphill SUV.
  • So, I stop engine to regroup, ABS defaults on, start up again, 4 sec delay to switch off then catch up to my mates who have also stopped because they thought I had a problem . So I turn off to explain the prob then wait 4 seconds as they take off. So they slow down........... You get the picture
  • Trying to switch off when fully laden with bike not level, holding the awkward switch while reaching over the tankbag for 4 seconds, at the same time stopping bike moving without touching the brakes, can be quite interestng, especially if your pillion moves just at that moment.
Which brings me to my point. Has anybody any advice as to how the ABS system could be modified so that a simple one push button on the bars would deactivate the system, on the fly. I dont mind the default to on when motor starts but it would be nice to switch off without the stop and wait routine each time.

Depends on what type of oil you are using !

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