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Originally Posted by HWSNBN
have recently given thought to updating my 950 to the 990. The lack of "traction control" option on the 990 has forced me to seriously consider another bike.

During throttle application while exiting a turn on gravel surfaces, the rear of the 950 has a tendency to spin uncontrollably and not track in a straight line ! This seems very unsafe and potentially dangerous for an average rider. Given the modern electronics on a 990, it seems KTM could have easily made this option available ! I have two questions for the Orange Crush techno gurus.

1) Do you think traction control would benefit the rider ?

2) Is it possible to design and install "traction control" on a 990 ?
NO more electronic gizmos to make up for your lack of skill/common sense. The only reason it tracks uncontrollably is because you are doing it wrong. You are giving it too much gas too suddenly. Let off, and roll on the gas and feel for traction. It's not a switch (on/off), it's more of a reostat. You dial in the amount of power you want/ tires can handle. Your brain is the traction control controling you wrist. Like viatormundi said look into a GS 1200, or a Honda Civic.
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