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Originally Posted by Paragon
Beeds - saw you lurking - interesting - also - you have now set me thinking - the 80G/S - started life with a black rear guard - when, (or if), officially did it change to white - I do not think it ever did - BUT I may have spotted a difference between the G/S and the G/S Paris Dakar - (the G/S had a black rear guard - the G/S Paris Dakar has a white rear guard - as well as the other bits)

mine is 1986 Paris Dakar - (it of course should not have that side panel in Dakar guise)

Photo below - i hope - with some bits missing, (exhaust etc) - now in more bits as i will be ready to have the frame powder coated in the next couple of weeks
I will also paint my red Hawker black - use a rattle can

red seat and rack - BM Germany still have , (a few) - but be quick


Hi Para
Yes the white mud guards appeared in 84 and the side panels dissapeard
allowing the R80st's exhaust guard to be used..
Thanks for posting the pic
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