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Emergency cables

Her is my humble contribution to this thread, an emergency cable setup.

It consists of 1 Gilera clutch cable, 3 generic scooter throttle cables and a collection of end bits - I dunno how these are called in English, but in Spanish they are called "evita soldadura" (something like "weld saver").

The three throttle cables will make a complete throttle cable, or replace the one broken or good for the choke. As the choke can be operated with a broken cable, it is not necessary to have more of these.

These things are fairly common in Latin America, I believe not that common in the US - try bicycle cables instead.

The value this setup is around $10. It weights very little and it fits everywhere - you can have it in your tool tray no issues and it will save the day one day.

The end bits are also good to repair a cable with a broken end.

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