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Originally Posted by Steffo
...I don't have the cash for a pure trackbike...

...what are your thoughts?
You're barking up the wrong tree. If you can't afford a trackbike, you can't afford to take your umpteen thousand dollar BMW onto the track. Its really as simple as that.

For the record, I commuted on (as in, no car) my "trackbike" for years. I know how it goes. You'll either pussy foot it around the track, and hence, will be a danger to yourself and others, or you'll ride it like you should, and may end up crashing it at some point. Not to mention the ergos of a dual sport are awful for an actual race track.

Also note that for what it would cost to get a 17" wheel and track tires, you'd probably be halfway (or more) to a track bike anyway. In the US, you can probably get a well set up ninja 250 for well under $2k, and you can find 600's out there (not that I'd recommend them as a track bike--too much power for a noob) for $3k (again, USD). Even if you don't get a set up track bike, just about any cheap bike is a better idea than your BMW.

Other than coming onto ADVrider and posting pictures of yourself pyloning around in the slow group on your expensive dual sport, there's really no point.
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