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Actually, I agree with Reryder on the trans. I don't understand why they have to be as complex as they are. I've worked on other trannys and these are about the most fiddly of them all. I've worked on trannys ever since my first Hondas back in the 60s and there wasn't anything special about them. I've worked on car and truck trannys, and even replaced some synchros on an old School bus I had - now that was a BIG trans! Intimidated me at first, but shouldn't have. Everything was bigger, but just the same stuff. I've worked on the older Volvo over-drive trannys I used to be into, and except for the Chinese puzzle aspect, they were pretty simple. None of this careful, ultra-precise shimming that's needed with these airheads.

Now, the final drives, well, that's par for the course. All gears like that need very careful positioning to ensure they mate properly. But the splines wearing out...yeah, that's funky. I hear Oak came up with some sort of solution for that some years back. Never heard exactly what it was though.
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