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Originally Posted by DenniSMC
So should I go back and delete my last tag? Spin a bottle and drive 100 miles in that direction adn drop it off? Not sure how that falls into the rules. That would be an interesting rule.
The tag must move a minimum distance of 50, 75, 100 miles before reposting. That would keep the tag fresh. Or a new Tag O Rama. The PA Hot Potato Tag O Rama. Treat the tag likes its bad. Pick it up and get it as far away from home as possible. People don't go looking for it. They try to keep it out of there neck of the woods.
I think the 72 hour rule would be in effect...If it doesn't move by then it's yours again. This time of year large movements of the tag are going to be more difficult. The tag spent last winter out in the Pittsburgh area IIRC.
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