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Originally Posted by DenniSMC
I went back for it. I figured you missed it. I will post it if I ever get a tag again. It is a dog tag I had made at the local pet shop on a key ring. Its says ADV PA TagORama on it. I figured it could get passed around and have added keychains added to it as it got around. It was a dumb idea had at night while drinking. The NorthVirgina TOR leave gifts for the next guy who comes. I thought it would be cool.
I like the idea. A combined Tag and Scavenger Hunt! If someone misses it, someone else will be along later to pick it up. If they add something to it, fine, still OK if not.

I also hope that the NEPA and Pitt area people don't see my commentary on hogging the tags as petty whining. Everything I write here is intended to be fun and in good nature. No harm intended.

When I DO finally get the change to snag a tag, then drop a new one, I intend to make it challenging. I have a couple of places in mind that are unique, should be challenging, and won't be some random stretch of woodland.

I know I'll get my turn. ....Someday. ...Maybe.
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