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Originally Posted by afmracer
Maybe OP just doesn't realize how expensive it will be when he crashes ...

A single lowside on a new GS > a cheap trackbike.
Alright, so all these dudes taking their F800GS's offroad, down single track, creek crossings, etc, and you're trying to warn the OP about dropping the bike at the track?

Seriously, the bike was made to be ridden, if the OP wants to throw a 17 on the front and do some track time, why is everyone getting their panties in a wad. People do it on the KTM950adv and SE, and no one whines about the cost of dropping it, or tells them to buy a super duke instead. Maybe those KTMs are simply better than the beemer? Those riders less nervous nancies.

I say go for it. It will be fun.
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